Pre-fabricated steel building

Pre-fabricated steel building Bongshai engineering

We design and fabricate prefabricated portal steel structure buildings, multi-story steel structures buildings, grid steel structures, etc.

Bongshai steel structure is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as steel structure warehouses, workshops, hangars, exhibition halls, poultry sheds, etc, its features of simple installation, economical cost, and wide application range, it are favored by customers from all over the world.

Multi-story steel structures are widely used in residential buildings, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, and other multi-story buildings.


  1. Lightweight;
  2. The construction period is short and the construction speed is fast;
  3. the plane layout is flexible, the structure is simple, and the construction is easy.

Grid/truss steel structure is a spatial structure composed of multiple rods connected by nodes in a certain grid form. It has the advantages of a small space force, lightweight, high rigidity, and good seismic.

Application: it can be used as the roof of buildings such as gymnasiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, etc.