Learning & development

Growing with Bongshai

At Bongshai Learning & Development is a strategic business function contributing significantly to the organizational, group, and individual effectiveness & growth by fostering a strong learning culture.

We focus our energies on the following thrust areas:

  • Deliver results and impact organizational performance
  • Constantly scan the rapidly changing environment and equip employees at all times with the required knowledge, skills, and qualities
  • Leadership development
  • Develop corporate citizens
  • Deliver a global MNC and global leaders
  • Focus on action-oriented training
  • Synergize & optimize efforts – avoiding overlap and duplication and building a uniform curriculum.


A culture of continuous learning and development exists through structured core developmental programs, conducted by reputed institutions for employees to develop superior management skills and capabilities. Several strategic and behavioral programs are also undertaken to address employees’ specific training and developmental needs.

Other initiatives include e-publications (Leadership Newsletter and HR Newsletter), contests, book exhibitions,s and guest lecture series where eminent speakers are invited.