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There is a lot more that goes into landscaping construction than many people realize. It is not simply a case of digging a few holes and planting some flowers. Landscaping construction involves a lot of hard work and planning to create a beautiful, functional outdoor space…Read more

Land development & Earthwork bongshai Engineering

Land development & earthwork

Our team draws on the expertise of its staff members skilled in all aspects of site engineering including: water and wastewater utility systems, drainage and detention facilities, planning and zoning, traffic, roadways, and paving and site grading…    Read more


cast in situ pilling

Castinsitu piling is a type of deep foundation that is constructed by pouring concrete into a prepared hole. The hole is first excavated to the desired depth and then reinforcement is placed within it. Concrete is then poured into the hole and allowed to cure. This type of piling is often used for structures that require deep foundations, such as bridges or skyscrapers. It is also used in situations where the soil conditions are not conducive to traditional methods of foundation construction.

pre cast pilling

A precast piling is a type of driven pile that is cast at a manufacturing plant and then driven into the ground at the job site. This type of piling is often used for deep foundations in projects where the soil conditions are not conducive to traditional driven piles, such as in soft or unstable soils. Precast piles are also used in situations where a large number of piles are required, such as in commercial development.

Deep Tube well Singing & Construction

Deep tubewell digging

Deep tubewell digging involves drilling a hole in the ground to access groundwater. The hole is then lined with a pipe and a pump is used to extract water from the aquifer. This type of water extraction is often used in areas where there is no surface water available, or where the water is of poor quality.

Water supply & irrigation bongshai engineering

Water development & Sanitation

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