Power generator


Bongshai is a revolutionary company in specialized energy solutions. We have a proven history of successfully executing, owning, and managing short and long-term projects across a wide spectrum of energy technologies in all over the country since 2010.

Battery Power Generator is a new energy storage and distribution system developed by Bongshai. Compact, silent, and clean, it has been specially designed to be integrated into power generation systems using gas or diesel generators and to connect to the grid or photovoltaic modules.

It is equipped with the HICORE System, a management technology designed by Bongshai which allows more efficient use of energy. This smart grid controller selects the most favorable energy source for each charging condition, thereby achieving the greenest and most efficient energy solution.

Designed to follow just 3 simple steps, the pre-configured working mode selector allows the user to configure the Battery Power Generator for the different applications or modes of use: Plug & Play, Low Load, Peak Shaving, UPS, and Load Sharing. And always with the goal of increasing efficiency, reducing emissions, gaining sustainability and flexibility, and optimizing energy resources