Water supply & Irrigation.

Water supply & irrigation bongshai engineering

Bongshai Construction & Engineering is your local team of professional passionate about the efficient and sustainable use of our most precious resource, water.

With over 20 years’ experience in the design, supply, and installation of rural, commercial and horticultural water systems, Water and Irrigation Works are your one stop shop for everything from supplying pumps, filters and fittings, through to design and installation of your avocado irrigation system.


Bongshai Construction & Engineering offers a broad range of services within the pumping and irrigation sector.

  • Irrigation

Design, Installation, and maintenance of your irrigation system.

Turf, horticultural, agricultural, domestic, industrial and golf. We have a wide range of products and experience to deal with all new and maintenance requirements.

  • Pumping

We size, supply, install, and repair on most leading brands of pumps for any situation. With an emphasis on efficiency, we pride ourselves on specifying the most economical solution for your needs. Bigger is not necessarily better!

  • Filtration

Bongshai Construction & Engineering specialize in providing filtration solution’s, not just products. From chlorine and fluoride removal from your mains water supply, through to UV systems for your rain or bore water supply, we have a full range of solutions for your needs.

  • Rural Water Supply

Bongshai Construction & Engineering are working full hand to develop rural side also.

  • Parts and Fittings

We carry a full range of parts, pipe, and fittings for all your water supply needs. From a new water system to repairs and maintenance on your existing set up, we can assist with product and advice.