Power transmission & distribution

Power transmission & distribution

Intelligent power transmission infrastructure is vital for the ability to meet the rising demands for a flexible energy grid and for securing high-quality and reliable transport of energy.


The ongoing market transition towards renewable energy requires intelligent solutions at all levels – from power production all the way to the consumer.

In order to provide long-term solutions for the future, the development of the energy sector requires a holistic approach. At Bongshai we focus on delivering solutions that uphold the quality of supply throughout their entire lifetime.

However, technical solutions are only part of the delivery. Any project in the global market is also characterized by increasing project complexity, demand flexible solutions, a greater focus on stakeholder involvement, and decreasing cost.

Bongshai Engineering & Construction

Bongshai offers engineering consultancy services ranging from the design of High Voltage (HV) equipment, HV overhead lines, and substation automation all the way to offshore platform design and onshore constructions.

Our expertise within HV cable design ranges from route planning, surveying, and engineering to interface handling. Our many experts have experience working in urban areas, remote rural areas as well as offshore, with transmission cables or wind park array cables.

Furthermore, we provide solutions for mast design and predesign covering both geotechnical and topographical investigations and cables.

Consultancy services

Bongshai Power transmission & distribution are divided into five segments:

            • Offshore substations
            • Onshore substations
            • Overhead lines
            • HV cables
            • System analysis

As a preferred solution provider, we are accustomed to working as the Owner’s Engineer at the EPC level offering the following services:

            • investment decision
            • Project management
            • Conceptual design and layout
            • Lifetime extension evaluation
            • Management of the tendering and procurement process
            • Contract management
            • Supervision during construction and commissioning
            • Operation and maintenance advisory services
            • Project follow-up after delivery of the facility