Pile Foundation & Foundation


Pile Foundation

Geographically speaking, Bangladesh has several soil types in various regions. From area to area, the strength varies. Following a soil test, we may ascertain the pile’s needed capacity and construct it for a particular building in a particular location.


The ability to construct piles at whatever depth is necessary is their primary benefit over shallow or regular foundations. It enables us to construct buildings up to 100 stories tall on any type of soil. Like the Empire State Building and Burj Khalifa, all iconic buildings across the world are supported by piles.

Pile foundations are utilized in various types of buildings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and factory structures. Additionally, it is utilized in the development of bridges, culverts, towers, and flyovers.

Piling Equipment

We have five complete piling setups, which include tripods, winches, pumps, cutters, drilling and tremie pipes, welding and mixing equipment, and casing pipes of various diameters, among other things.

Additionally, 5 elite teams made up of the best individuals are constantly available to ensure the success and efficiency of your project. These team members, including the supervisors, drillers, foremen, welders, and others, communicate and work well together.